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"Football is like life - it requires perserverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority." -- Vince Lombardi

"The principle is competing against yourself.  It's about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before." -- Steve Young
"If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit - you'll be a winner.  The price of victory is high but so are the rewards." -- Bear Bryant

As of 2012, we have moved to the North Bay League (NBL)




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Our Freshman team has a Bye this week.


Our JV and Varsity teams will be traveling this week to play against the Ukiah High School Wildcats.  JV Kickoff is at 5:00pm, Varsity Kickoff is at 7:30pm.  There will be one-way bus transportation for the JV team.  The JV bus will leave the school at 2:00pm.  There will be round-trip bus transportation for the Varsity team.  The Varsity bus will leave the school at 3:45pm.


VARSITY PARENTS:  The bus will stop for a late dinner after the game.  Please be sure to bring money to purchase your dinners.  The Varsity bus is expected to return back to the school around midnight.  If you plan to bring your player home after the game instead of having them ride the bus back to Petaluma, you must provide Coach Herzog with a signed note advising as such.


Remember to THINK PINK for this Friday's games. 



On Monday (October 6th), our Letter Writing Campaign was introduced to all football student athletes.  Each player was asked to address 10 letters to out-of-town friends and family members, along with including a quick hand-written note in the space provided on the prepared letters.


The deadline to turn in the completed letters is this Thursday (October 9th).  Parents, this fundraiser is very easy and should only take about 10-15 minutes of your player(s) time.  Thank you all in advance for your participation.


Looking forward to seeing you all in the stands!




A borrowed and slightly modified quote to start this season:


Football is believing.  Football is total commitment.  Football is hard work, dedication and self-sacrifice.  Football is a team that beats with one heart.  Football is mud, sweat and drive.   Football is whatever it takes.  Football is what you give, 110%.  Football is brotherhood...on and off the field.  Football is one goal.